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Project Description
The toolkit is a project to build some useful web Control library, which will be useful in your DotNetNuke(DNN) development. Now only paging control.

Simple Paging Control:
you can use the Simple Paging Control to build your paging application. it will create more simple HTML markup and more lightweight.

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you can find how it can be applied here:

Screen shot:

How to use it?
you can follow those steps below when you decide to use the toolkit:
1) copy the dll in your bin folder and reference it
2) register it in your .ascx(user control) or .aspx page :
<%@ Register TagPrefix="toolkit" Namespace="DnnSun.WebControls.Toolkit" Assembly="DnnSunToolkit" %>
3) user it like this:
<toolkit:SimplePagingControl ID="ctlPagingControlBottom" runat="server" ResourceFile="~/desktopmodules/SunBlog/App_LocalResources/SharedResources.resx" CssClass="entryPaging" CSSClassLinkInactive="currentPage"/>
4) you can user it similar with the dnn paging control in code behind like, enjoy...

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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